This area is for initiating contact with entities which are neither oneself nor the website. Such an endeavor might be alluring. It can at times be useful, even necessary…but not all the time.

Sometimes it is the idea of contact (and less the reality of it) that one seeks. One might seek this when one notices the size of the cavity in one’s soul–gnawed ever-larger by the steady passage of time and the marching, stepwise erosion of one’s own naïveté. Some people call this phenomenon an ‘existential crisis’. Not everyone does that though. Some people just get on with it and never wonder why: “…why [they] don’t feel right, why [they] can’t sleep at night…”

If at this point you still wish to Make Contact, type some stuff in the little boxes below. When you are satisfied with what you have typed, tap or click the little box at the end. That box is the Contact Making box. It has magic powers.